Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lily of the Valley

Hardiness Zone 3B
This lily of the valley was transplanted from the frontyard garden to the backyard gardens in Red Deer, Alberta. Planted in areas for ground cover and the beauty of the tiny bell flowers in the spring, all the locations are shaded.  This perennial spreads invasively and should be closely monitored so that it doesn't spread to unwanted areas.
This year, 2013 the flowers were first notice in early June.

The plant has many meanings.  From Christian legends it represents  Mary's Tears during the crucifixion of Christ, a symbol of humility in paintings and/or a sign of Christ's second coming.  The lily symbolizes life to Pagans.

Care should be taken not to ingest or allow animals to chew on this perennial as many references state that some parts of it are toxic.