Monday, October 10, 2011

Planters and Urns

These stunning annuals grow in ceramic urns in  Calgary, Alberta.  

Planted in the large black ceramic urn  are-
Purple Majesty Millet
Phantom Petunia
Yellow Ice Sanvitalia

Planted in one of the two smaller black ceramic urns are-
Red dragon wing begonias 
In the other small black ceramic urn are-
Red wave petunias
White and yellow crysanthemums
and one more to be named

Close-up of the  plants I don't know........
These annuals grow in a blue ceramic pot in an iron wrought stand as a welcome to the front entry at this home in Calgary, Alberta.  The plants are-
 Phantom Petunias (best in full sun)
Red Star Spike (grows 24 to 36" tall)
Pink gerberas

Rosy Dimple Oriental Lily/Lis

Hardiness Zone 4 
Lilium orientalis
Lilium orientalis
This Oriental Lily  grows by the pond in a partly shady garden with an eastern exposure in Red Deer, Alberta.  This plant usually waits until August to flower but this year (2011) it held on to it's buds until the first week in October, even after several deep frosts.  Just when we were beginning to think that it was to late to bloom it flowered, spectacular against the fall foliage behind it.  This lily has beautiful light pink blooms with a yellow star throat.  They are known to be fragrant and are often used as cut flowers. The mature plant is usually 1-2 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide.