Monday, October 10, 2011

Planters and Urns

These stunning annuals grow in ceramic urns in  Calgary, Alberta.  

Planted in the large black ceramic urn  are-
Purple Majesty Millet
Phantom Petunia
Yellow Ice Sanvitalia

Planted in one of the two smaller black ceramic urns are-
Red dragon wing begonias 
In the other small black ceramic urn are-
Red wave petunias
White and yellow crysanthemums
and one more to be named

Close-up of the  plants I don't know........
These annuals grow in a blue ceramic pot in an iron wrought stand as a welcome to the front entry at this home in Calgary, Alberta.  The plants are-
 Phantom Petunias (best in full sun)
Red Star Spike (grows 24 to 36" tall)
Pink gerberas