Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bugbane or Cimicifuga

Here is a link to a perennial I would like to remember from our 28 year old home.  This perennial was originally planted about 25 years ago in the front flower bed and never really thrived there.  I planted it there as there was a big spruce tree shading the flower bed and the Bugbane is known as a shade plant.  When we redid the front bed as a full sun prairiescape garden I moved the Bugbane to a garden tucked beside the house with a northeast exposure.  Since then it has thrived and this year, by mid July, is already showing signs of flowering.  The foliage on this plant is healthy and a vibrant purple black colour.  Not knowing whether I could split the plant and have it thrive I dug beside the plant and carefully uprooted one single rooted plant.  I planted this "upstart" plant in Amy's shade garden out at the cabin.
New Start at Sylvan Lake

Foliage of the original plant

Look carefully and you can see the flower starting