Friday, June 14, 2013

Anemone Snowdrop Windflower

Hardiness Zone 3B

This perennial grows freely in Grandmaman's "interim" "ephemeral" Garden in the backyard in Red Deer, Alberta.  The area is planted with plants that have grown too big in their present space and need to be split or are awaiting a new area to be prepared for them.  This hardy perennial was given to me by a friend and was first planted in the front yard until that area became "in construction".  Planted in the "Ephemeral Garden" until a new home was found it came up this spring hardy, healthy and in splendid bloom.
It's present space has slightly acidic soil and is in full shade most of the day.  It seems to like it's new home.
Amemone in Greek means "Daughter of the Wind".