Saturday, August 13, 2011

Benny's Apple Tree/Le pommier

Late May/June 2011 blossoms

Apples ready to pick August 13, 2011

Loaded with apples summer 2011

This apple tree grows in a large backyard with a southwest exposure in Red Deer, Alberta.  Surrounded by other large trees it gets good sun in the morning and early afternoon but by evening it is mostly shaded.  The name of the tree is still under research but it is well suited for the Alberta climate.  The peel of the apple is green and transparent and is well suited for apple pies and apple crisps.  There is no need to peel the apple for baking but the larger apples can be peeled if desired.  The grandchildren like to nibble on the fruit but generally speaking these apples are a bit tart for most tastes.  As soon as the apples are ready it is wise to begin the harvest.  They don't store well if left on the tree too long as the peel begins to yellow and the flesh of the apple begins to soften and bruise easily.  

August 15, 2012   Yellow Transparent Apple Crop
In the spring of this year, 2012, we saw no blossoms and assumed that there would be no pies or other apple treats from Benny's tree this year.  A close look at the beginning of August small groups of apples were spotted and now the middle of August and we are getting ready to harvest.
May 27, 2013 Benny's Tree is full of blossoms.

The bees are very busy in the blossoms.