Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vancouver Starry Nights Clematis

This clematis grows in Benny's garden with a southwest exposure.  Planted this spring (2013) it has grown steadily and had it's first two blooms in mid July.  As I had been told that it is a good idea to shade the plant near the ground I have planted a hosta in front of it.   It should grow to about 7 feet tall with a spread of 24 inches and under ideal conditions can live for 20 years.  As it is a climbing vine it should be planted near a fence or trellis where it can be trained to grow upwards on it.  My clematis is presently climbing a small metal trellis that is about 4 feet tall.   It is a Type 2 clematis which means it will bloom on old wood of the previous season with a second bloom later in the summer.  It can be pruned back every second to third year to just above a set of buds about 6-8 inches from the ground. It's hardiness zone is zone 4 and as this zone is 3b it will be interesting to see how the winter affects it.